We Believe In Our Environment

We believe in taking care of our environment. We strive to reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides by using bio-friendly options. We strive to re-use as many plastic products we produce as possible and return whatever plastic we can't reuse for full-circle recycling.

We Believe In Our Community

Our community supports us and we support them. In addition to being long time supporters of local groups like Harvest House Ministries to help those with addictions, and the National Arts Centre programs, we offer fund raising programs for many local community projects.

We Believe In The Best Plants

Not all plants are created equal. All the plants we sell are grown in our own facilities. We operate year-round and strive to produce the best plants with no compromise. By working with every plant from start to finish, we can ensure the highest possible standards.

We Believe In Quality Food


Richmond Nursery was originally founded on our strawberry crop. Our first strawberries were planted in 1959 and we continue to take the utmost pride in our strawberries. Our focus is to produce the highest quality and best tasting berries bar none.


  • Strawberry Season

    Strawberry season is finished for another year. An early spring, the heat wave, and repeated heavy rains have shortened the normal season.

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  • Fundraising Events

    We've been home-growing plants locally for decades. It's only fair we help give back to our community in some way. One way we do this is through fund-raising programs for community organizations, non-proft groups, or other worthy causes.

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