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Articles specific to gardening in the Ottawa area can be found here.

Getting bulbs to flower indoors outside of their regular is called forcing bulbs and it's a great way to enjoy flowers indoors.

How do I kill the bugs in my garden? Sounds like an easy question, but it's not that easy.

All plants need water in order to live. Here are a few tips to help you water your plants more efficiently.

We all like the idea of having a nice looking garden, but you can also include plants for other purposes.

There are lots of types of grass out there. Not all are suited for lawns so how do you really pick the mix you want?

Every wonder if there's a right or wrong way to mow your lawn? There's no clear-cut answer, but we have some nice tips.

We all have a tendency to want a good deal on things we need. Sometimes, though, there's a false economy in the "lowest price" mentality.

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