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Articles specific to gardening in the Ottawa area can be found here.

Poinsettias are woody plants native to Mexico and, with a little care, can last for months indoors.

There's a big difference between a gardener's garden and a designed garden. But what's the real difference?

Sometimes plants die in the winter, but is it cold or is it something else?

Snow may be a pain to shovel, but it does wonders for plants.

Seed racks fill the stores, but when is it time to start, and what do you need?

Nobody really enjoys to spray plants for insects or diseases. But if there is one and only one spray to apply in a year, it's a dormant spray. How and when and what does it do?

When you want to get a smaller tree, there's a few different ways you can buy them. Here's a little description of those plants and what the pros and cons are of each.

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