Coneflower Heaven

Attract some butterflies to your garden. All Echinaceas are now 20% off.

There are some plants that just do well in the garden. Echinaceas or Coneflowers are one of them. They're a tough, reliable, and beautiful perennial for the garden.

Echinaceas have gone through a big breeding phase in the last decade to make more and more varieties in a mydrid of colours and sizes. Although some varieties ended up more as overpriced flops (at least in our opinion), some are truely stunning. Our philosophy is to only keep and grow the best varieties so here's a taste of what we consider to be the best ones - and I have all of these in my own garden.

  • Cheyenne Spirit - By far one of the nicest and most unique plants. Instead of being one colour, it produces multiple colours on a single plant. If you want a garden meadow look, Cheyenne Spirit gives those wonderful shades of colours all by itself.
  • PowWow White & PowWow Wildberry - The PowWows are great performers. They tend to grow a little shorter than traditional Echinaceas, but that's a good thing because they don't fall over all the time like some of the super-tall ones. The PowWows are also strong plants and consistent flowerers. Pick your colour and watch the Wow!
  • Magnus - The old traditional pink coneflower. Magnus is slightly different than the species being stronger and more floriferous. If you like the traditional taller Echinacea, Magnus is still the oldie but goodie.
  • Green Twisters - A new sport of Magnus with a distinct green colour in the flower. Only this is a strong and stable unlike some of the other green flower ones.
  • Double Scoop & Supreme Series - In our opinion, they two best series of double-flowering conflowers. Double-flower conflowers look like pom-poms available in a variety of colours from Cherry to Canteloupe.
  • Sombrero Series - A great series of single flower, mid-size, and very floriferous coneflowers bred specifically for cold-hardiness and long flower times. Nicely branched, good winter survival and a great variety of colours.
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