What's happening in the greenhouse in light of the spread of COVID-19?

Updated March 25, 2020.

Nobody enjoys these uncertain times. Questions abound about the potential spread of the coronavirus. But our plants still need care and attention and we continue to plant and nurture all of our crops.

We appreciate the value of plants and gardening in these stressful times. The stress reduction effect of plants has been proven over and over again. The security and satisfaction of growing your own food is second to none. As such, our greenhouses are still in operation with a minimal crew to continue to grow and maintain our plants. To reduce the risk of spread, we will no longer be allowing walk-in customers in our greenhouses.

In recognition of the requirement for many to self-isolate, we are working on an online store to give everybody the opportunity to pre-order for pickup or curb-side delivery of their favourite flowers, plants, and supplies. It will take a little time to setup, so please be patient. In the meantime, if you are looking for anything for pre-order and pickup or delivery, please Contact Us either online or via phone and we will be happy to help where we can. Please recognize that we work mainly in the greenhouse with our plants and typically respond to requests within 24 hours.

We care about our plants and have many processes in place within our greenhouse primarily to maintain the health and quality of our plants, but that also helps maintain the safety of all of us working with the plants and our customers. Our irrigation water is continuously charged with copper ions as a disinfectant to prevent various plant pathogens and the copper ions have a strong and lingering disinfection effect on viruses. In addition to our water disinfection, we also regularly disinfect our entire greenhouse with peroxide/peracetic acid. All these steps have been in place prior to the discovery of coronavirus and we're confident these sanitation methods ensure healthy and safe plants and people who work with the plants.

Because of our experience in growing and streamlined production, we're able to continue to work with our plants with a minimal number of people. Maintaining a very small, consistent, and efficient crew limits the risk to our team and our customers.

Wishing everybody good health.

Peter & Sue Rofner