Annual Garden Refresher

Bidens, lobelia, and verbena Bidens, lobelia, and verbena

Refresh the flowers in your garden this weekend with these deals.

When you have rain, then hot, then rain, then hot, keeping ahead of your garden can slip your mind. You end up with a few tired looking hanging baskets here, some dry planters there, or maybe even just plants in the ground where critters like groundhogs used as a snack. This weekend, we'll help you refresh your garden.

  • All hanging baskets, two for $30. Any size, any combination.
  • All planters, two for $40. Any size, any combination.
  • Full tray of annual bedding plants now $20. Lots of summer heat-loving flowers to freshen the garden.
  • Roses are now buy one, get one free. Roses have been cut back and cleaned up with all this rain and are flushing out again.
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