Poinettia Festival

Come visit our greenhouses for our annual Poinsettia Festival December 2nd and 3rd.

We love our poinsettias. We've been growing them for over 40 years right here in Ottawa. Digging through the archives, there's pictures of a crop of poinsettia is a small hoop-house located in the family back yard right through to the mass of plants we have today.

I always say that it's easy to grow a poinsettia, but it's hard to grow a nice one. Each grower has a different style and we focus on colour and longevity. Our poinsettias have a stunning vibrant colour and they last a long time. Of course growing them right here in our own greenhouses just makes them that much better.

This year, we're taking a new twist on our poinsettia festival by offering short seminars on poinsettias and how they're grown, about out greenhouses, and maybe even a few on some of succulents we grow. Stay tuned for a complete schedule of events.

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